Follow the steps below to re-run data in TIM Plus:

  1. Take a copy of the data you want to re-run back in the system, stored by default in the backup folder of the main installation program.

    {Program Files}\Tri-Line\TIM Plus\backup
  2. Log in to TIM Plus as a user, select the tab and click on the button.
  3. To check the datasource for the PBX object you want to delete calls for, enter the following query:

    SELECT name, fullkey from dir where type = 'pbx';

  4. To delete calls for a specific PBX object and a specific time period, enter the following query:

    delete from calls
    where datasource = '\1\'
    and strftime('%Y-%m-%d',datetime) >= '2011-01-22'
    and strftime('%Y-%m-%d',datetime) <= '2011-01-23';

    The and   values must be modified accordingly, in order to match your requirements for the time period and the PBX object you want to delete calls for.

  5. The query should return a message, confirming the selected calls have been deleted.

  6. To re-spool the data back in the system, copy the previously-saved backup files and paste them into the following location:

    {Program Files}\Tri-Line\TIM Plus\spool
  7. While the system is processing the data, you can click on the  screen to monitor the calls that are being logged.

    The time to re-spool the data will vary, depending on the amount and size of the files your system is processing.