To add a spreadsheet file to a Display board, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your spreadsheet document and save it in  format, using the  option, as shown below:
  2. Save the document in the web folder of TIM Plus, located by default in .
  3. In the  section of TIM, create a new display board from blank and add a Web panel .
  4. In the  field of the web panel properties, enter the IP address and port number of TIM Plus followed by name of HTML file, as shown below:
  5. If your spreadsheet contains a graph or chart, create a folder to store the resulting image and update the URL accordingly.
  6. Save the changes and your wallboard should now display your spreadsheet.

In order for the spreadsheet to show on the display board, the web panel background should be set to a colour different to that of the spreadsheet itself.